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Since their creation, cryptocurrency seek to avoid the intermediation of banks and financial institutions as well as the commission expenses they represent to the user.

The goal of AMERO is to become the bridge that joins communities (families, vulnerable groups, people, companies and government) all over the world through a network of real-time transactions encrypted into block-chain.

Thanks to its blockchain technology, AMERO will seek to bring assurance and security into our transactional community without the need of middlemen or intermediaries, as well as to find a worldwide major approval for commercial use as means of independent transactions within a global parallel and de-centralized economy, which will also become a shield for grand-scale operations between companies and people; which in turn can even become a major anti-corruption safe-lock for government budget spending in social appliances and infrastructure.


Main advantages


Amero is not controlled by any state, bank or financial institution or middlemen.


Your investment belongs to you only and cannot be intervened by no one.


Allows for privacy during transactions.


The cost for its use is lower than traditional currency worlwide.


Transactions are faster compared to traditional financial entities.


Amero is financially backed-up by real-estate properties and silver mines, weighted in value of a troy ounce.


Amero is a unique currency because of its environmental commitment being backed up by the mining industry (silver, gold and copper), as well as national natural reserves which seek the preservation of environments world-wide through Amero.

The team behind AMERO guarantees the total transparency of our assets based on gold, silver and copper mines, as well as the natural reserves which will be backing up as investors for our platform.

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  • "Next January 1st the details and business plans, functionality and key stages of a new mexican Cryptocurrency known as Amero will be unveiled, which objective is to unify a Latin American currency."
  • "In a matter of days, a new cryptocurrency will be born into the digital market, and it will be headed by Monterrey entrepreneurs."
  • "As of last Friday at 22:22, a group of Monterrey investors unveiled the Amero, a new cryptocurrency backed by tangible real-estate and mining assets."
  • "This virtual currency will be financially backed by real-estate land properties all across the country starting with Nuevo León, as well as silver mines throughout Mexico valued around 36 thousand million Mexican pesos and the initial coin offer will be 100 million Ameros."
  • "The upcoming release of the new Mexican cryptocurrency known as Amero has raised expectation between investors, real-estate agents and the mining industry, which are already showing support for the new virtual currency."
  • "During the first week of the year a new Mexican cryptocurrency will be unveiled in our city, known as Amero. During the showcase its business plans, functionality and stages of development will be revealed."
  • "The Mexican Cryptocurrency, Amero, will be a new form of internet-based economy and will seek to replace current currencies across the American continent."
  • "Monterrey investors reveal the Amero, a cryptocurrency financially backed by real-estate assets and an initial value based on the troy ounce."

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